josh and eldin

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
josh and eldin

my names josh an 18 year old gay about 6 feet tall and a decent 4 pack light blue eyes and medium length brown hair usually spiked. i had a fiend i liked quite a bit eldin was his name he was such a pretty boy he was tall tan and had nice features: dimples on his cheeks lovely green eyes he was a /blonde/">blonde who drove me insane! i have been hanging out with him since we were 16. i came to a conclusion that he too was either bi or gay. iv been waiting for the right time to tell him how i felt and i was on my way to meet him at his house. 

" hey josh whats up man" " nothing what we doin' today " " come in my room i want to show you something". i follwed him in his room oh god just looking at him made me hard. i thought to myself if i told him today if he would get feaked out or i dont know i got nervous but i didnt show it " see josh i re decorated you like?" " oh yea man /sweet/">sweet " there was a silence but eldin broke it " hey josh, if i tell you something will you promise not to laugh or think of me as weird?" " yea man tell me " eldin looked in my eyes and then looked to the floor " josh im gay" he turned around . i wanted him so badly now i put my hand on his shoulder " it's ok man it is" " no its not josh u dont understand" " eldin theres something-" he cut me off " josh i like you" i turned him so he bokep sma pecah perawan faced me i started at him " eldin i like you to" he took me by surprize by kissing me softly on my lips holding around my waist. i seriously thought i was dreaming but this was really happning. i kissed him back slowly slipping my tongue into his mouth. we stopped kissing only for him to say what i never dreamed " josh i want you, i want you so /bad/">bad please josh " i saw the need in his eyes i took off his shirt and kissed him deepely. i rubbed his nipples and i herd moans escaping from eldin. we stopped kissing and ripped each others pants off. 

Ii stared at the huge lump in his breifs. i thought to myself oh my god i love this man. eldin went down on his knees and slowly pulled down my boxers and saw the 7 inches of hard meat in front of him. being a virgin made me a little /scared/">scared but i wanted him so badly i really did so i let him have his way with me. he put the tip in his mouth and god did that feel good " ohhhh that feels so good eldin" eldin was a /cock/good-cock/">good cock sucker! after a few minutes i said " eldin im going to cum" eldin kept sucking and i shot my loud deep in his throat. he swalled it all and he said " ok josh my turn" " i'v never done this before" " its ok just go slow and watch the teeth" he must have senced the un easyness and got up. his nine inches of cock was so beautiful though i did want it " josh if you dont want to suck me thats ok but, i need just one thing" "what eldin anything" " please josh i want to fuck you " i told him alright and he slipped on a rubber and lubed me up just befor he put the tip of his dick in my ass i said " eldin theres something you need to know" " what honey" " eldin im a virgin" eldin rubbed my nippled and told me if he hurts me to let him know and i nodded my head. he made me feel better. he put the tip of his meat in my ass and i was dying inside i wanted to make him happy so i didnt say much " you alright honey?" eldin said as he put more of his length in my virgin /asshole/">asshole. my face scringed and i said " please eldin, i love you i really do but you need to take it out" " just relax ill be gentle" he was right, he was gentle. but those nine inches hurt going up my ass. after he rode me for a minute i was in heaven. i was moaning out of control " please, dont stop!" "fuck me , fuck me! harder! " 

he was pounding my ass i was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time. he quickly pull out of me and tore off the rubber and stood straddled over me and blew his load on my stomch. " want me to lick it off?" he said " oh yes baby" he liked his cum off of me and lay down and played with my dick, after jaking my he swallowd old waman xxxgx my cum again and he kissed my lips so soft. " i love you josh" he said " i love you too eldin" 

after we dressed i told eldin i really did like him and i didnt just be with him becuase he wanted me to it was becuase i wanted to. after a week we became boyfriends and a month later we moved in his re-decorated place and we shared so many more of the wonderful love makings.