Meeting The Love of My Life Online Part 2

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Meeting The Love of My Life Online Part 2

I was in shock when I first saw him he was SO hot! He was 6'1 dark dark brown hair almost black, nice build not to strong or to lean, and his face was like a face of an angel. I jumped up on him in like a hug and he wrapped his arms around me blowjob porn videos tightly pushing me hard against his body. We started making out hard, deep and passionately right on the front step in front of my house. His lips were so soft and our bodies felt so good pressed hard together. My pussy started getting really wet fast and i could feel his cock getting hard as well.

He then pulled away and we were both out of breath and he said "God, I love you" and I smiled and said I love you too. I wanted him so badly right then and there but I didn't want to rush things and seem desperate. We walked over to the large round couch looking at that big ocean view.

We talked a lot we were laughing cuddling and flirting. It felt so right and so at home. He then pulled me into his lap so I was sitting astride him. He then started kissing me behind my ear and my neck and then he started kissing me passionately. I felt him getting hard under me and I started getting milf porn videos wet. "Man you're the only person that can do this to me." I looked at him and told I know how he feels and smiled at him. He told me to go get ready because he's taking me out to eat.

I took about an hour to get ready. I had my hair pin strait with a clip hold up my side bangs on an angle, medium size round silver earrings, a natural look with only some liquid eyeliner on the top (black) black mascara. I had a tight fitting black dress on and black pumps. I had a little laced black /thong/">thong with no bra.

When I came down the stair he said "Wow! You look absolutely beautiful!" I blushed so much and when I looked at him he looked like a god. He was wearing black suite pants, black dress shoes, a crisp white shirt (open at the neck), and a black suite jacket. I told " You look like a god". He did a deep laugh which I absolutely loved!

He put his arm around me and as we walked down the walk way I saw a limo and.". looked at him in shock. He said "I travel my limo a lot I have a car, but I like using the limo." I said "cool." We got into the limo and I asked him where are we going and he told me it was a /surprise/">surprise and winked at me.

While riding in limo he put the screen up so the driver couldn't see what was happening in the back. Then he started kissing me deep and passionately and he told me I am so beautiful. We started making out in the back and I was getting so god damn wet and he knew it.

I wanted him right there I wanted him to make love to me in the back of that limo. But just as I was about about to grab his cock and the limo was at the restaurant and when I looked to see where we were, I saw we were at the most expensive fanciest restaurant in the hamptons. He then grabbed my face between his hands hands and kiss me SO passionately and in that moment I knew he loved me so damn much and I him. I also knew that he had something sexy planned fir this dinner and tonight when we got home...