Summer Camp Punishment

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Summer Camp Punishment

The ride out to the Black Woods Campground was horrible. After last week?s events, mainly getting caught in a loving, post-coital embrace with my best friend Kevin, my parents have now gone silent. For a week all I heard from them is how I have disappointed them and insulted their good Christian sensibilities, not to mention the embarrassment they will have to put up with once word spreads that their son has lost his virginity to another guy.

The fact that I recently turned 18 had no effect on them since I still live in their house and under their rules. Eventually they ran a bit dry on the guilt supply, something I didnt think was possible, and now it?s the silent treatment. It has been decided that I have been corrupted by the homosexual Hollywood and the computer games I spent so much time on and that the best thing for me now is to spend some time away from temptation in a setting of hard work, reflection and repentance.

The Black Woods Campground is a dense forest by the lake in the cottage country, also known as boondocks; or more specifically according to me, hell. The owner of the place is a high school buddy of my fathers? and I can guaranty you they did not have the same relationship as Kevin and I did. This huge and appropriately /bear/hairy-bear/">hairy bear of a man was raised by a preacher and his bible thumping ways would certainly hurt my sensibilities, assuming anyone cared about them.

But by far the worst thing to be found here was his son, Tyler. When I was a kid I remember being sad about the fact that I didnt have any brothers or sisters and had no one to play with, but that was shortly before we started vacationing here at Black Woods.

Here I was introduced to my new, summertime big brother. In front of our parents he was a charming young man, but as soon as we were alone he made sure I regretted ever doubting the benefits of being an only child. Only two years older than me he was a lot more grown up and worldly, where I was just an innocent and naive little kid from the city, however decency eluded him right along with compassion.

So, along with wedgies and melvins, and many other creative tortures I managed to escape at school, every summer was filled with ridicule, embarrassment and insults. The angelic hallelujahs were loud and clear on the day I was old enough not to go to the cottage with my parents but could stay at home and never had to see the demon spawned Tyler again.

But now I?m back here as my parents explained the situation to the bear, avoiding all embarrassing details I?m sure, they made clear that while I?m here I?m to work hard, have no access to a phone except to call them and certainly no TV or computers. After all, I?m being punished so fun is discouraged. When they were done and my folks readied to leave, the bear turned to me and welcomed me back saying that my parents? wishes will be heeded, and as he noticed something over my head, he told me to introduce myself to my roommate and pointed behind me.

As I turned I suddenly felt my legs go weak because standing few feet behind me was my childhood tormentor and was not at all pleased with what his father had just suggested. To my great /surprise/">surprise he actually began to argue about there not being enough space and privacy and all but the bear would hear none of it. As I listened I looked Tyler over and noticed he had changed quite a bit since the last time I was here a few years ago. He was still about a head taller than me and noticeably more fit, which didnt bode well for me if he intended to rekindle our old ?relationship? of him pushing me around and me taking it.

His hair was black, half spiked and half just messy. He had not shaved in a couple days, which accompanied by the two rings, one though his left eyebrow and one through his bottom lip, gave the look of a punk. The clothes, a black t-shirt with a heavy metal logo and the ripped and dirty jeans and black leather boots have completed the look; in one word, lowlife.

Tyler?s father ended the discussion by explaining that the camp is full, all cottages and cabins booked, the spare bed in the one Tyler always occupied was all that was available and that was the end of the discussion. Tyler shrugged in resignation and left but not before giving me a look of displeasure that foretold just what I had to look forward to for the next two months. After my parents left I made my way to the cabin to unpack. It was small, a single room with two beds about 10 feet apart with a window above each, a pair of dressers and a small bathroom with a shower right behind the wall next to my bed.

As I dropped on the bed and hoped that sleep would come quickly all I could think of that could cheer me up was Kevin and the incredible night we shared. It was still strange to think of my friend like that, especially since I have never considered being gay or even been attracted to another guy, but that night changed me in more ways than I thought.

The next couple of days went by just as I expected. The bear had put me to work cleaning cottages, doing laundry, cleaning out the campsites and the beach picnic area and of course the garbage. Tyler has decided to leave me alone for the most part; in fact he pretty much pretended that I didnt exist. At first I thought he was being sympathetic, but really he just wanted to keep me from complaining about the fact that he delegated much of his work to me.

That way he had more time to spend on his favorite activities, which I quickly learned included smoking pot, drinking and when he couldnt bring some desperate farm girl over for a quickie the man jerked off like 3 time a day. It wouldnt bother me a bit since I too have needs, but waking up to him jerk off every morning just behind the thin door of the washroom was getting to me by the end of the week.

One day as I finished my work I went for a swim. The lake and its warm water was the only consolation prize I had since I have been disconnected from the world without the net and my games. As I dried off and headed back through the forest to the cabin I heard a strange noise nearby and instinctively ducked thinking it was an animal I could spot. I slowly and quietly made my way toward the bushes where I heard it and slowly peered through the thicket. What I saw had so taken me by surprise I froze and stared. Not 10 feet from me stood Tyler.

He was leaning his back against a tree, in his left hand was a joint he had to his lips and was taking a long drag, his eyes were closed. But what really caught my eye was that his jeans were unzipped and pulled low to his thighs and in his right hand he held his big erect penis he was slowly pulling on. I can easily say it was the biggest dick I had ever seen. With mine at about 6 inches and thin and hard, his was at least 8 and thick, and though it was hard, standing straight up with a big vain running down its side, it also looked soft to the touch. As he stood there stroking his meat I couldnt help but kneel there and stare mesmerized by it.

Within a minute the sight of it got me so hard I had to fix myself. I quietly pulled out my dick from my sweats and instinctively started to play with it, my eyes not leaving the sight of Tyler?s cock for a second. As I moved however, I stepped back a bit and accidentally stepped on a stick that broke and got Tyler?s attention. I froze horrified that he would look through the brush and spot me, but luckily he got spooked and zipped up and walked away instead.

When I got my breath back and relaxed I made my way back to the cabin and was relieved to find that Tyler was not there, probably getting inebriated elsewhere after I interrupted him. Since I was pretty exhausted I decided to turn in and as I lay there falling asleep, xxx my mind kept wandering back to the brush where I knelt holding my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and staring at Tyler as he massaged his meat. It all felt so real it was as if I was still there, relieving every second right up to the broken stick. I looked down at the ground where I made the noise for a second but, this time as I looked up; there stands Tyler, right in front of me.

The joint in his mouth, his lips smiling as he looks down at me and his huge cock pointed right at me. First I stare at the head of his dick and slowly I reach for it. As I wrap my hand around his shaft I lick my lips and feel the soft, warm flesh of his member and the feeling causes a wave of heat that travels through my arm and straight down my body to my crotch. As I slowly stroke his manhood he steps forward and now the mushroom tip of it is right in front of me an inch from my mouth. I feel my mouth salivating as I smell the musky aroma of his cock. I open my mouth and take the head of his cock in and begin sucking on it.

Slowly at first but as he bucks his hips I speed up. He then grabs the back of my head and pushes harder and harder forcing his dick deeper into my throat. Suddenly he yanks his cock out and strokes energetically as I wait. Then, as if in slow motion, I hear a moan and as the vain on his cock throbs, a huge load of cum shoots out and splatters right across my face and into my mouth.

In that instant I jerk awake in my bed. I find myself panting and sweating, and as I come to I feel a warm wetness across my crotch. Pulling up the sheet I see my cock standing out the side of my underwear, hard, throbbing and still leaking cum all over the place. I looked over at Tyler?s bed to see if he noticed what I had just done but he was asleep, probably too wasted to hear anything. On shaky legs I slowly made my way to the bathroom still recovering from the massive orgasm where I clean myself up. Sensing the smell of my semen I?m again reminded of the last second of the wet dream I just had and feel completely stunned at how real it all seemed.

Every sight and smell and taste, a complete sensory overload. As I stood in the bathroom I looked out across the room at Tyler asleep in his bed and for the /first-time/">first time since I had known him I felt a kind of longing that made me not want to hate him. I suppose that a part of me wished that the dream had come true. When I finished cleaning up I shook off that feeling reminding myself that he is still the enemy and finally went back to sleep.

The next day as I went about my daily rounds I found myself thinking back to last night. First the snooping, then the dream that surprised me as much as it excited. I was so preoccupied with those memories that on several occasions that I ran into Tyler I couldnt help but stare at him until he had noticed and said ?What are you looking at dweeb?? ?Nothing,? I muttered as I walked away kicking myself for being so easily distracted by my own fantasy. I did my best to keep my mind on the work for the next two days, but it wasnt easy considering how horny I was and getting worse every day.

Then one evening during my third week there I was coming back to the cabin after exploring the area for a while and saw Tyler bringing some girl into our place. It wasnt the first time and I was pretty sure I had seen the girl before too. I considered going in but not wanting a confrontation with Tyler I walked to the back of the cabin and sat hoping I wouldnt have to wait long for them to finish. As I waited I heard them talking porn videos download and her giggling, wondering what she saw in this jerk I walked up to the window and peeked in listening. I recognized the girl as Cassie or Lassie, or something like that.

She wasnt particularly hot but was pretty enough, had a strong healthy look about here, like a proper country girl should. She had long brown hair and greenish-blue eyes, about my height and probably weight since I am a skinny guy. She was wearing short cut off jean shorts, a buttoned shirt tied into a knot at the bottom that revealed her smooth stomach and a pair of boots; classic cowgirl. She sat in his lap as he groped her /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts and kissed her between taking swigs from the nearly empty bottle of Jack. After a few minutes she got down on her knees, unzipped him and started working on his cock which he clearly appreciated.

When he was ready he said something that made her ask about a condom and he started searching for one. He pulled from his nightstand a pair of black lace panties that she recognized as her own but when he didnt find a condom he mumbled something to which she replied ?No way, maybe your roommate has one,? and made her way across the room, opened my drawers and started digging through my things.

Tyler crossed the room slowly with is pants down around his knees and said ?You?re wasting your time this fag couldnt get laid if his life depended on it,? and he dropped his naked ass on my bed while grabbing at her butt. Then she pulled something out and turned to show it to him. When I recognized that she held in her hands the red female cosplay outfit that got me in trouble and brought me here in the first place I nearly dropped from embarrassment. Realizing that my parents would no doubt search my room thoroughly for anymore surprises while I was away, I decided to take with me anything I didnt want them to find.

After confiscating my cell and laptop they didnt bother with what I packed. As I looked on in horror they both burst out laughing. She dropped it on the floor saying ?Wow, even I wouldnt wear THIS.? ?I told you he?s a fag or something,? he said and took a drink. She dug out the blond wig and boots that the costume came with, trying each on quickly all to a great deal of amusement for Tyler.

She soon gave up and suggested that they just fool around tonight. ?Ohh you can?t be serious,? he protested grabbing his still erect penis, ?Ive been waiting all week for this.? To which she replied, ?No way, not without a rubber.? ?Oh c?mon, don?t be such a bitch!? he blurted out his speech heavily slurred by the booze. Offended and pissed she said ?What?? ?I said don?t be a bitch, look I promise I?ll pull out, babe.? She started laughing, ?Yeah a drunken fool like you, I?m sure, you know what why don?t you go and fuck yourself instead,? and with that she left slamming the door behind her.

Glad she had left and feeling pretty confident that Tyler was too drunk to remember what she found in my dresser, I waited a few minutes and headed inside. As I entered I noticed he was still lying on my bed. Except for the dim light from the lamp by his bed and some moonlight coming in through the windows, the room was mostly dark. As I reached my bed I saw that his eyes were closed and he was motionless, probably fell asleep or actually passed out. I quickly picked up my stuff the girl had dropped on the floor and turned to Tyler to wake him and get him off my bed. I called out to him a few times, louder each time but got no response.

I decided to shake him awake so I came closer and as my eyes adjusted to the dark of the room I noticed the shape he was in. He lay motionless sprawled across my bed, nearly empty bottle of whisky in his hand, his shirt and boots were off and his pants and boxers were down around his knees. One leg was hanging of the bed and lying on his left thigh was his now softening cock. As I stood and stared on I noticed that the clouds outside had cleared and now more moonlight was coming in through the window giving a clearer view of his body. His tanned and toned chest and abs were moving up and down slowly and rhythmically.

However, I was soon once again staring at his /cock/big-cock/">big cock starting to feel the way I did the first time I saw it. I felt my mind go blank as my cheeks flushed red, my heart rate increased and I felt my palms get sweaty. I came right up to him, put my hand on his thigh and shook him violently hoping to wake him, but with no reaction from him I was actually relived rather than disappointed. I knelt next to the bed and without any thought or consideration I just reached out and took his cock in my hand. It felt hot in my hand and was as soft to the touch as I had imagined. I was breathing harder now as I slowly moved my hand up and down on his shaft, nervously look up at him for a sign of waking up.

I felt my body shudder with excitement and a sweat broke out on my forehead as his cock started to get harder and thicker from my attention. With my left hand tightly around my own engorged penis I slowly ran my fingertips from the tip of Tyler?s cock across his shaft down to his large testicles and gave them a squeeze. In that moment his had turned slightly and a moan escaped from his parted lips. My own reaction was to jump away from the bed and quickly made my way into the bathroom.