Jamie and Lilys First Time

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Jamie and Lilys First Time

Lily was in 18 first year of highschool. Lily had golden hair with black highlights, nicely tanned body and was very fit. Lily was somewhat of a good student getting mostly As and was very active in sports . Lily seemed to be perfect, perfect body, face,grades, and her voice was one of an angel. So anyway, Lily went to dance with her bestfriends, at the dance was a mix of schools all private. Lily went to an all girls school so she didnt meet many guys and chose this dance as a good way to meet guys (not for sexual reasons). At the dance Lily saw this really /guy/hot-guy/">hot guy

Names Jamie Taylor.He had golden hair, perfect face ,perfect body (6 pack) and nice arse. He came up to Lily and asked for a dance in his sexy voice. Lily was swept and all she could say was ok. As they danced together at one point they looked each other in the eyes and Jamie went in for a kiss Lily went along feeling like they were the only two people in the world. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv After time they started to become a couple and went out occasionally .

When Lilys parents were away for the weekend Lily called Jamie to sleepover and keep her company. Jamie couldnt refuse with the thought of sex on his mind. So Jamie packed his bag and stole a few condoms off his older brother. They lived close so Jamie didnt need to catch any means of transport.When Jamie ariced they kissed at the front door then Jamie put his things in Lilys room. Jamie was looking when the packet of condoms fell out into Lilys view. Lily asked what it was and Jamie replied with ummm a condom. Jamie felt weird , then lily asked and what do you suppose you use them for.

At that moment Lily stood up and started making out with Jamie , Jamie had already been shirtless and in his boxers at the time.Lily then started playing with Jamies dick as it started to grow and harden. Jamie took lily to the bed and laid her down and started to make out again while feeling Lilys breasts. Lily started to moan and took her top off aswell as her bra.Jamie took off his boxers then Lily got hold of them and started to jerk him then gave him a blowjob. After 5 minutes Jamie started to cum into Lilys mouth. Jamie then started to lick Lilys pussy as she moaned with pleasure.

After about 8 minutes Jamie put The condom on and entered Lilys pussy slowly then getting faster. Lily was moaning and moaning with white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie pleasure. She was saying /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder JAMIE!! within 10 minutes Jamie had cummed . Then taking his dick out and started making out again then cuddling as they stayed naked and slept exhaustedly.